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"I don't use egg replacer for most things just because I see it as a whole new craft, I'm not replacing things, I'm not taking them out, I'm just creating something from scratch."
~ Hannah Kaminsky

Meet The Author

Author Hannah Kaminsky

Hannah Kaminsky began experimenting in the kitchen at a very young age, as nothing pleased her more than the smiles she received from sharing a homemade dessert. Before long, Hannah’s passion for vegan baking took hold, propelling her ideas and results to the next level.

By her senior year in high school, Hannah was producing award-winning sweets.
My Sweet Vegan is a delicious culmination of Hannah’s most sought-after treats, each created, tested, and photographed by Hannah herself.

Crossing two milestones with one giant leap, Hannah placed the finishing touches on this incredible cookbook just as she was preparing to enter her first year in University. While her culinary talents are nothing short of amazing, Hannah is constantly busy with a diverse range of projects. Not a day passes where she isn’t testing new recipes, staging a photo, writing a short story, or breaking out her knitting needles.

Hannah is hopeful that My Sweet Vegan will help to support the college education she has just begun, but she also views it as the first major step in her career. With her second cookbook already underway, we are eager to see what heights this talented young individual will reach.

To view more of Hannah’s photography, baking, and creations, visit her at Bittersweet Blog.

All media and press inquiries should be directed to media@mysweetvegan.com